These Blurex Digital Wireless Headphones are some of those ergonomically comfortable headphones we’ve ever gotten our hands on.

Headphone Comfort

Not only is the shape and weight of these headphones well designed, but the cushioned ear pieces are the most comfortable things ever to have sitting on your ears. The headphones are adjustable as well, so they’ll fit any size if your noggin is large or small. The Blurex Digital Wireless Headphones also have 3 buttons on the side of them for easy access to the controls – one button for the battery power, and two others to control the volume.

If you’re like most people, you hate having to constantly change out batteries on a wireless pair of headphones. Thankfully, the Blurex Digital Wireless Headphones come fully equipped with rechargeable batteries. The charging dock that comes with the headphones makes charging them super convenient, and it actually doesn’t look half bad either sitting by your bed, TV, or computer.

Since it’s not Bluetooth, there’s no delay in audio when using the Blurex Digital Wireless Headphones to watch TV or movies – the audio will stay 100% synchronized with the video. In a normal at-home setting, you should be able to get great audio without interference up to 30 feet away, even when going through the walls.

Sound Quality

When listening to different types of music, we found the clarity and fidelity of the sound to be quite pleasing to the ear. The lack of distortion and noise was a pleasant surprise as well. However, we have heard complaints that listening to quieter passages in slow music does occasionally cause the headphones to momentarily cut off the sound before resuming, which could be somewhat annoying if you listen to this type of music often.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Blurex Digital Wireless Headphones are some incredibly comfortable headphones, whose convenience can’t be beat with their amazing features, such as wireless capabilities and an included easy-to-dock charging station. These have definitely been one of our favorite pair of headphones to review so far!

Like these headphones?

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