Audiophiles seeking the best headphones money can buy should definitely consider the Koss ESP 950 electrostatic stereophones. The headset uses state-of-the-art electrostatic transducers rather than the fiber cone drivers typically used in headphones and loudspeakers.

These transducers operate on current less electrostatic charges with push-pull capacitor plates to induce movement in an intervening, low-mass, semiconductive diaphragm. That’s a technical way of saying that these ear pieces are highly sensitive and very responsive to minute fluctuations in audio, rendering your music with delicacy and warmth, and with micro dynamics–tiny fluctuations in the musicians’ output level-intact.

The stereo phone uses a soft, vinyl closed-ear design for sonic isolation and includes a battery pack, a leather carrying case, connecting cables, and a 120-volt AC adapter.

The quality of the sound on these headphones is light, airy, and very pleasing to the ear. When testing these out, we often found ourselves turning the volume up a good bit because these don’t hurt your ears as like dynamic headphones would.


Final Thought

Sure there are better headphones out there, but at this price, you won’t find any better. Make sure to use these with a tube headphone amplifier in order to get the best sound possible.

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