At first I was hesitant to purchase these headphones, since Monster also designs those Beats headphones that I’m not the hugest fan of. But despite this fact, I decided to go ahead and purchase the Vektr pair of headphones and take them out for a spin. I believe, after a few days with these beauties, that they are truly deserving of the Diesel brand name.

Unique Design, Quality Sound

First things first – the packaging on these headphones is absolutely beautiful. With these, you truly can judge a pair of headphones by their cover. Sure I know that the actual appearance of headphones is especially important to most folks, it sure makes them a treat to unbox when you get them home. Once I got them home, unboxed, plugged into my Android phone and hit the “Play” button, I was immediately surrounded by the clearest versions of my favorite musical artists. I was stunned by how incredible the Monster Diesel VEKTR headphones made my music sound right out of the box.

Then there’s the design… these headphones resemble some kind of luxurious alien aircraft. Personally I don’t find the design to be too bold, but then again I believe the design is really targeted to a younger generation (of which I am). My one complaint is that these headphones show more fingerprints than any other I’ve ever come across. The on-ear cups have kind of an unusual shape, but I think it’s an enhancement that allows them to conform a bit better than normal on-ear cups.


Not All About That Bass

With all of that said, one downside is the bass quality of these headphones. If you’re someone who is obsessed with that bass (no treble), you probably won’t be the biggest fans of the Vektr. Yes bass is present in the music, but it won’t be enhanced at all from what the music has already. The bass sound really has no enhanced or boosted effects through the headphones. On the other hand, that’s one of the reasons you can comfortably enjoy the Vektr headphones all day long – because enhanced bass can be exhausting to your ears after a long amount of time. This just depends on your bass preferences, though.

What I love the most about these headphones is that I’m the only one who hears my music – no matter how loud I turn up the volume, my cowoworkers or neighbors on the bus with me don’t hear a thing. However, as I previously mentioned, songs with increased bass don’t sound that great with the Vektr headphones. So if your favorite kind of music is hip-hop, dance, or any other bass-heavy music, I’d recommend getting another pair of headphones such as the Bose QuietComfort.


Overall I mostly love these headphones their on-ear cups and wonderful comfort and feel when on my head. They aren’t as portable as some other headphones I’ve come across, and especially not earbuds, but what you give up in portability is more than made up for in comfort. And yes again, the surface of the headphones is a magnet for fingerprints, but that’s probably why these headphones come with a cleaning cloth. At least Monster realized they’ll need a little upkeep? I still love these things regardless.

Like these headphones?

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