If you’re in the market for some over-ear headphones to wear while exercising, the Monster iSport Freedom headphones are for you! These don’t fall off when you wear them during a quick jog or day in the gym, and while fixed to your head the rubber padding makes them incredibly comfortable to wear.

These headphones are not only incredibly comfortable to wear, but the sound is also of a very high quality. Neither the sound nor the sound of these headphones says “cheap”.

And of course, these headphones utilize bluetooth technology to be completely wireless. The bluetooth makes these headphones incredibly easy to hook up to your iPhone or Android device, and the audio quality is still crystal clear despite not being wired.

There are also some really great features that come with the Monster iSport Freedom headphones, such as a pause button right on the headset. This lets you pause your music quickly and easily, without having to reach into your pocket or purse to fumble around with your phone.

The battery on these hold up well too. With regular use, you’ll only need to charge them about every other day. Overall, we recommend these headphones for anyone looking for headphones to match their active lifestyle. These will let nothing come between you and your music, no matter your workout or routine.

Final Verdict

We highly recommend the Monster iSport Freedom headphones if you’re wanting headphones for running, hitting the gym, or just regular daily use. The sound quality is absolutely fantastic, the technology is top-notch, and these headphones won’t budge while you’re working out at all. The build of these headphones conveys that they won’t be breaking any time soon, either.

They may be a little pricey, but they are a solid audio investment.

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